Kingdom Woman Arise is a vision given  to me by the Lord. The mandate is to raise an Army of Kingdom Women to do mighty exploits for His Kingdom. -Apostle Grace Cruz

The Vision

Kingdom Woman Arise brings healing and freedom to women. Helps women to discover callings and destiny, training and equipping them for ministry is  huge, this our mandate. Thus, raising and Army! Psalm 68:11 AMP

   The Lord revealed to me that many women are not experiencing prosperity and abundant life, true peace, joy and destiny because they are stagnate and shipwrecked, stuck in the old ways (mindsets, curses, unforgivness, soul issues, deep hurts and wounds, sickness, etc.), much like myself, at one time. 

 I had been through so much in my life, I suffered much trauma, I was broken. shattered, downtrodden, suicidal and addicted. I was at the point of death too many times in my life. Jesus came and pulled me out the pit of destruction and miry clay, washed me, cleansed me, delivered me and healed me, made me whole. The process God walked me through to get from this point to my destiny is the 'Renovation Process'. I share, minister and coach this with with women of all ages, anywhere in the world. Many have experienced true healing, real breakthrough and real change through the Renovation Process of healing and deliverance ministry. ​    

I have found that walking women through this process brings true transformation, not only for themselves but for the marriage, family and others around them. As well being healing physically and emotionally. Many women have discovered their gifts, callings and anointing, as a result, are now helping others to do the same.

The avenues used to do this are resources; mentoring/ coaching via webinar, books, training CD's, on-line classes, meetings and conferences. ​​